Saturday, June 15, 2013

Hidden Paradise

It was a normal day for me yet I was thinking of having an adventure. Somewhere in the South of Davao. Sta. Maria is a small province, an hour away from Digos City and 2hours away from Davao City. As what I have heard about a beautiful beach call Little Boracay, I went there instantly with my mom.
How to go to Sta.Maria by bus
From Davao City: 
Ride a bus going to MALITA (Metro Shuttle-Aircon 168pesos)
tell the conductor that you will stop at Sta.Maria Terminal
From Digos City:
Ride a bus going to MALITA (Metro Shuttle-Aircon 68pesos)
tell the conductor that you will stop at Sta.Maria Terminal

How to go to Little Boracay Beach
Ride tricycle from the terminal tell the driver that you are going to little boracay.(40pesos each)

The road maybe rough but it's totally worth it.:) 


Thursday, May 23, 2013

A Sister's Love

Some people said, it's way better if your the only child in the family, well, I say "BORIIIING!!".. Having a sister or a brother is one of the best part a Family could have. You have a friend and an enemy all at the same time, which unfortunately you can't avoid. hahaha Sisters' are somewhat a reflection of you, it's like, when you have a sister, you have a mirror of yourself. It may not always be a happy time with you both because most of the time, you fight and shout with each other but despite the ugliness of that there will always be the loving heart of a sister. awww BLESS!!

Me and my sister Genna a year younger than me, we're like twins, well, at least most people thought we are cause we have the same facial features. AH DUHH?! WE'RE SISTERS?! errrrr She's been my playmate all the time, ofcourse, well, not now..:( and I miss her so... Mom and Grandma (RIP) thought me to look after her all the time specially when we play, and that we should be nice with each other, always. WE ALWAYS ARE!! I'm sooooo grateful for that.. Mom thought as really well.. Never expected to be a good sister without mom.. THANKS MOM!! and to my sister, to her very special day, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I love you and you know that.. you can always count on me whether its good or bad and will not judge you but instead will guide you. The one who will tell you to always follow your heart and what makes you happy. YOU DESERVE ALL THE BEST THINGS IN THE WORLD. I love You! -Ate

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Puppy Love

Dogs are man's BESTFRIEND.. so true!! Having them is one of the greatest gift. Once upon a time, there was a little girl who's afraid of dogs. When she got older, her sister brought a cute puppy home then she fell in love. That girl was me by the way..😊😚
I LOVE THEM SO MUCH.. R.I.P PACHIKO (white one) I could've been there and took care of you.. I love you.❤

Friday, March 22, 2013

Beach Babe

Boracay is one my favorite beach in the Philippines. Everything is there, Sun, Sand and the white beach. It wasn't my first time or second time. I've been in Boracay for like the 6th time already. Got a part time job and boom!!! here comes the bitch on the beach!! hehe Enjoyed much thou!!


Thursday, March 21, 2013


Most of my friends likes SURFING!! I mean, what's with surfing right? It's dangerous and a bit scary. So I went with my friends to Mati, Davao Oriental, a surf beach called Dahican Surf Resort, pretty amazing beach by the way. I saw them surfing and still didn't like it but I tried to go to the beach holding a surfboard and didn't get through the waves at all. Guess, it's not for me thou. Well at least I got pics!!

Bikini Button

Some of my friends asked me "Why do you like wearing bikini so much?" and I answered "Well, first of all, I'm in a beach, second, I like my body..:)" Sorry for being so vain but hey! this is who I am. ^_^  Some days... You just don't have enough middle fingers... ya know?

Life is pretty awesome by the way. My mom always told me to show what you have while your still young. I'm just saying. 

And besides, I love the beach so I love bikinis as well..

Peace bitches!! 

Monday, October 29, 2012

The Hair Fairy


Mom asked me for a haircut. How come? She always told me to keep my hair long 'cause it suits my face. I wonder why she told me to have a haircut. She said it's boring and that I have to put a bangs and a color on it. I was like "WHOAH". But then I looked myself in the mirror, and realized, YEAH, I do need a makeover. SWAG THUNG!! *slang* haha

My question is,

Here are the sample hairstyle that I browsed in GOOGLE!

She's really pretty. Well, we do have same qualities. FEELERS MUCH? Hey, let me finish first. I was aiming for the hair length!!!! not the pretty face!! hahahaha I like the bangs thou.:)
I think we kinda have same shape.. hmmm the face... lol minus the two moles.. and I hate curling my hair.. I'm lucky enough to have a straight hair..:p

I still have 24hours to decide. I'm gonna be on google most of the time until it's finalized. Hope that I will not freak out. I was used in having a long hair for decades. *sigh